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Healing Place Energy School established by Helen Chin Lui. Helen is Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher and she is the owner of the Healing Place and Healing Place Energy School LLC.  Healing Place specializes in helping people of all ages to break the pain cycles associated with digestive problems, chronic pain, and balance hormones naturally.

Healing Place Energy School offers a variety of online and in-person, self-care healing classes comprising of Reflexology, Energy Medicine or Chakra balancing, Mindfulness, Reiki and Meditation.

Healing Place Energy School is passionate about helping and teaching people how to heal. Healing Place Energy School’s classes are easy to understand and healing techniques that can be applied immediately.

Classes are for anyone who has a thirst for the healing arts, and they are user-friendly and inclusive. What is best about our classes you don’t have to become a guru (unless you want to) and there are no prerequisites.

How Helen Chin Lui Started This Journey?

When my son was a little boy, he was very sick. His only option was to take a variety of medications to help him to heal. My son and I gave away our healing powers to doctors who we thought knew better how to heal. For ten years we experimented with various medications to see which medications were helpful and which were not. It was a process of elimination. Unfortunately, many of the medications made him feel worse. We were at the mercy of the doctor’s knowledge, experience and time. Western medicine healing protocols became unacceptable to us. I decided to take matters into my hands by doing my own research.

In the early 1990’s we didn’t have a home computer and did my research by visiting local libraries.  I would talked to anyone for any information that could help to my son. I found a lot of nutrition information and we learned he had a gluten issue that caused some of his health issues. His doctors had good intention and comprehensive knowledge, but they couldn’t tell me how diet and supplements can be part of his health practices or how to reduce his fears and stress about being sick. As of  today, very few doctors have knowledge about how to incorporate nutrition, supplements, and mindful practices into traditional western medical protocol.

After much praying, God answered my prayers by sending people to me to help me to heal my son. God send me healing knowledge through my Reiki and Energy Medicine and Reflexology teachers.

Healing Place Energy School teaches how to support and heal the body by connecting the body to the mind and spirit.

Instead of giving away our healing powers to others and believe that they know more than we do; it is time to awaken the knowledge within us. By listening to our inner guidance, we can heal.

Most important thing I learned on this journey that I am more knowledgeable than I thought. I decided to take back my power with God’s guidance to find ways to help my son and others who haven’t been helped by traditional medicine by teaching.

My son today’s is productive and active. He works in a conventional western medical environment and helps people to heal.

You too, can break your pain cycle and be PROACTIVE. Thank you for having the courage to take this next step in your personal care.

Helen Chin Lui

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