What Will You Learn?

• What is energy, and how does it serves you

• Understand your energy flow so that you can adjust how fast or slow to move the energy in your body

• Release accumulated physical and emotional pain while better connecting to your spirit

• Become aware when you begin to store negative energy and stop it in its track

• Shift your awareness to break your pain cycle and experience good health, peace, and happiness

• Release yourself of restricted beliefs.


There are no prerequisites for this series. Everyone is welcome especially for those who are new to this journey.

Course Curriculum

Welcome To The Course
The Start of Your Journey 24 hours
Your Commitment 3 days
Your Chakras
What are Chakras 2 days
Benefits of Having Healthy Chakras 3 days
How Do Your Chakras Affect You Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually? 3 days
Know Your 7 Chakras 3 days
Vital Body Organs and Emotions Associated with Chakras 3 days
Your Aura
Know Your Personal Energy Field 4 days
Power Up Your Chakras 3 days
Be Your Chakras Best Friend 3 days
Protect Your Precious Energy Resources 3 days
Thank You For Attending 00:00:00

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  1. Such wonderful information!


    What a great class! I learned so much about chakras and auras. I had heard of those terms but didn’t know what they meant until this course. I look forward to reviewing the material over again. Once Chakra 201 comes out I’ll be all in again. Helen’s voice is such s soothing balm to a stressful world. Thank you Helen! I highly recommend this class. It will improve your quality of life. Many blessings to all.

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10 Keys to Understanding Your Chakra System

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