InstructorHealing Place
TypeOnline Course
DateMar 7, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019
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The world of energy healing is powerful and confusing. You want to begin your journey but you don’t know where or how to begin. Instead spending precious time looking for information that may be helpful to you, let the Healing Place Energy School help you to cut through useless information and guide you through your transformation process quicker.

This course and coaching program comprises of the course, 9 part course series Chakra 101 Know Your Energy and two hours of coaching with Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Helen Chin Lui.

You will learn learn:

  • What is energy, and how does it serves you
  • Understand your energy flow so that you can adjust how fast or slow to move the energy in your body
  • Release accumulated physical and emotional pain while better connecting to your spirit
  • Become aware when you begin to store negative energy and stop it in its track
  • Shift your awareness to break your pain cycle and experience good health, peace, and happiness
  • Let go of limited and restricted beliefs.

You have permanent access to:

  • Nine life-changing Chakra lessons (two lessons a week)
  • Nine homework exercises to support your Chakras
  • Nine healing meditations to heal your Chakras

What is great about this course:

  • There are no prerequisites. We welcome everyone.
  • You can go at your pace in the privacy of your home
  • This course is yours forever.
  • Any new material added will be automatically sent to you.
Section 1Unit 1
Lecture 1Unit 1: Opening Cleansing Meditation
Lecture 2Unit 1: End Chakra Meditation
Section 2Unit 2
Lecture 3Intentional Grounding
Lecture 4Power Up Power Down
Section 3Unit 3
Lecture 5Opening Grounding
Lecture 6Unit 3 - Closing Meditation
Section 4Unit 4
Section 5Unit 5
Lecture 8Unit 5 - Opening Meditation
Lecture 9Unit 5 - Closing Meditation
Section 6BONUS

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