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InstructorHelen Chin Lui
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Beat Depression and Anxiety with Energy Medicine

Stress is rampant and overwhelming. There are time when stress overtakes us. Don’t let stress hi-jack your being! Everyone is capable of healing.

How many times do you beat yourself up because you can’t seem to get out of your way? Probably too many times!

We get into a vicious and repetitive cycle that feels unbreakable, but it can be broken. You just need to know how.

If you feel like your energy is depleted and exhausted; instead of hoping something will change, you CAN make change happen today!

In this video we will explore what positive and negative energy cycles are; and if you are ready, commit to living healthy so that you can feel consistently uplifted and alive.

Change requires action! Let this lesson be a step towards living purposefully.

You are worth the effort, work and time.

Your healing partner,



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