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Modern society is a breeding ground for insurmountable and overwhelming stress. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, we think that we are saving time, but in actuality is causing MORE STRESS than ever. It is time to diffuse stress and come back to peace and connect to your soul through mindfulness

Don’t let your commitments and obligations run your life! Don’t overgive! It is  time to come back to you and put yourself in the forefront and not on the bottom of your list!
You can find balance in everything you do, and it is a matter of recognizing what your needs are and then making changes that will fit into your life.

In Energy Medicine for Everyday People you will take away:

  • What is energy?
  • How do you balance what you want and what you have to do?
  • Define your boundaries
  • Shift your perspectives
  • Give yourself grace when you feel like you didn’t do good enough of a job.


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