Sunset Meditation

I was blessed to have had a chance to get away from the cold New England weather last week. My husband and I spent five days in Florida, touring the Fort Meyers and Key West areas. I have always heard about the beautiful sunsets at Key West, and I was not disappointed. I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

The sunset was the perfect time to meditate for calmness. Even though meditation is becoming a mainstream practice and an essential part of my daily rituals, for many it remains a mystery. If you are one of those who find it mysterious, I encourage you to try it. Meditating is especially helpful for people who are stressed and live hectic lives and don’t have coping tools to relieve stress. Meditation is a key tool to renew the mind, body, and soul. The goal of meditation is to increase awareness, to be grounded and centered, and to live a conscious life.

Many people find it difficult to meditate because they can’t sit quietly long enough without feeling it is a waste of time or boring. Meditating can be especially difficult if there is a chattering squirrel that lives in your head dictating what you should do all of the time. Because meditation takes tremendous practice, those expecting instant gratification can find it very difficult to learn. However, if you stick with it, you will reap the rewards.

Why should you incorporate meditation into your life?

1. To find inner peace – Our minds are so full of stuff that there is no room for quiet nor can you hear yourself think or process your thoughts. Many times we are a slave to what we think and we can’t determine if they are real or not. Meditation can help you find that quiet and reflect.
2. Increase Your Self-Awareness – With the thousands of thoughts going through our heads everyday, how conscious are you about what you think? Are they habitual thoughts? By increasing your awareness, you will gain clarity why you think the way you do, what is important to you and what you want.
3. Be Present – Instead of getting caught up life’s dramas, you can choose how you want to live.
4. Rejuvenate – Once the mind’s clutter is eliminated, your mind, body, and spirit will have room to grow and attract new opportunities, and allow your energy and chakras to flow with positive and uplifting momentum.
5. Become joyful – Once you have mastery over your repetitive and negative thoughts and actions, you will replace it with fulfilling activities and live your life fully.

Here is a good beginner’s 7-minute meditation to help you to ground yourself and clear negative energy from your chakras. I am sorry that the video is dark. This video was the first one I made in 2006 after I opened the Healing Place. I was new to the camera, and so was the cameraman, Dave.

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