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13 Apr 2019

Is A Dog Traveling With A Suitcase A Reality?


How do you define reality? In my reality I am brilliant, crazy, smart, flexible, open, work too hard, obsessed, and crazy. Did I say “crazy” twice? Sort of as crazy as a dog that travels on its own with a suitcase right? Wrong.

Years of process work has taught me that I no longer have to compete with myself, or continuously raise the bar out of my reach or constantly checking off my to-do-list.

Even though I am still a hard-worker I have learned that I don’t have to keep up with myself anymore. I got tired of living in my very small hamster wheel. I finally outgrew that space and moved on (hopefully not into a bigger hamster wheeler.) Thank you universe. I am grateful.
What is your reality? #empoweringwomen #energy #power #healingplacemedfield

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