Why Do We Have Energy Imbalances?

As we go through our day while juggling numerous tasks, over-scheduling commitments, and dealing with the everyday life stressors, your energy can easily get thrown off and become either deficient or excessive. Your body wants to stay balanced and avoid inconsistent energy flow; while insufficient and excessive energy can become the seeds of illnesses and diseases.

Stress is the leading cause of energy breakdown. Everyone possesses a combination of robust and defective DNA genes. Stress can activate those defective DNA genes, and before we know, it can cause problems for you. Most pain comes from suppressed emotions from the past. We address and process pain the way we were taught by our families. Unfortunately, many people do not have the skills to cope and handle sensitive subjects. We end up ignoring our pain with the hope it will go away. Instead, these emotions get trapped on our cellular level and become stuck there.

How we correct our energy flow is through mindful activities such as living a healthy lifestyle comprising of eating a wholesome diet, exercising, becoming aware of everything you say and do, and not to dwell on negativity. When you are ready, this may be a time to address past hurts and bring closure to them.

Find whatever resources that will support you to move forward with your life.

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About the writer – Helen Chin Lui is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master/Teacher. She is the owner of the Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC located in Medfield, MA USA


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